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Top Tips To Help Recycle More Waste

Recycling centres and commercial rubbish clearance professionals can recycle and reuse more waste than ever, and more stores are becoming mindful of the need to remove the use of packaging and products that cannot be recycled.

Nearly half of all the waste generated in the UK is recycled. The more we recycle, the better it is for the environment, and there are so many items that can be recycled that you may not be aware of.

Here are some tips to help make a huge difference.


Recycle All Paper And Cardboard

All paper and cardboard can be recycled, with only very few exceptions. Drinks cartons, envelopes, greetings cards, phone books and all manner of advertising leaflets can be recycled so make sure to recycle all of the cardboard you can.

With cardboard boxes, make sure you flatten them or cut them up to fit more cardboard int your paper recycling bin.


Check The Rules On Plastic

A lot of plastics can be recycled, however, different councils may only have the facilities to recycle certain types of plastic.

Generally, plastic bottles and milk bottles can be recycled, but get in touch with your council or local recycling centre regarding plastic trays, pots and other plastics that may or may not be recycled.


Most Metals Can Be Recycled

All metals are scrappable and most metals are recyclable, not just cans and tins. Be sure to recycle aerosols as well as kitchen foil, as they are metals.

Exceptions to this rule include batteries and electronics, which must be recycled at a recycling centre or be collected separately.


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