Tips For Decluttering Your Home

If you are having a clear out of your unwanted possessions, perhaps because you are moving house, or want to make room for guests over the holiday season, it can seem a pretty daunting task. It’s one of those jobs that is best tackled in smaller manageable stages (and with plenty of tea). Here’s some tips to help you break it down and get stuck in.


Stage 1

Go through each room in the house with bin bags or boxes, and first pack up everything you definitely want to get rid of, but can be reused by a charity or you want to sell. If you are in two minds about something, ask yourself when you last used it, and why you need to keep it.

Take anything that is in reasonable condition to a charity shop (check they want the items first) or put it out of the way to sell privately.


Stage 2

Next, go through each room and clear out the items which need to be disposed of, because they are broken or worn beyond repair. These things will need to be taken to your local household recycling centre, or taken away by a professional waste disposal company.


Stage 3

You will probably have a load of personal documents and paperwork which you need to look through first. Any old bills and policies over three years old are usually unneeded. If you are in doubt, take a quick pic of the item on your phone first. It’s best to shred items which have your personal data on, such as bank statements and so forth.

It is easy to get distracted at this stage and take a trip down memory lane as you discover old photographs and letters. However, this will soon eat up valuable time, so put them away until you are less busy!

Now that you have a lovely clutter-free house, it is a great time to have a good clean of all those dusty shelves and corners that have been hidden for years!


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