The Worst Garden Clearance Job Of All?

When it comes to garden clearance in London, no job is too dirty or challenging for us, although it must be admitted that there are some that would be particularly unpleasant to undertake.

Never could this be more true than the unfortunate case of a man in Windsor, who was in his garden in July when a leak of raw sewage from an aircraft flying overhead was dropped on him and his back yard.

While some might jest that this did at least provide a bit of fertiliser for the roses, local councillors were not impressed. The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead’s aviation forum heard this week councillor Karen Davies, in whose ward the victim lives, say she was “horrified” to learn what had happened.

She explained: “I know a number of incidents happen every year with frozen sewage from planes, but this wasn’t frozen and his whole garden was splattered in a very unpleasant way.”

Not surprisingly, the householder had to get some garden furniture, including garden umbrellas, disposed of afterwards. Ms Davies said the victim had decided against claiming on insurance for these items as it might raise his insurance premiums.

Of course, such cases are very rare and while many people not far from Chiswick will themselves have planes flying overhead, the chances are that if you need garden clearance services, it will not be for this reason.

This time of year is generally a time for clearing a lot of stuff out of gardens, such as fallen leaves, or clearing spaces and old brick and stone for the laying of new decking or a rockery. Thankfully, this tends not to be such a smelly job.

Of course, sometimes we have to clear a garden because of some fly tipping – but not of a kind quite so literal as the incident in Windsor.

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