Prepare Your Garden For Spring Now

Without leaves and foliage, now is a great time to assess your garden, as you can clearly see the landscape and what you want to change or update. You can decide on a planting plan and research what plants you want to introduce to your garden in time for a gorgeous spring bloom.

The best place to start is by inspecting your garden and plants for weather damage, potential insect infestations, and as Alan Titchmarsh reports in the Daily Express, check plat pots for hibernating slugs and snails.

Clean up garden beds by weeding what you can, and remove dead plant material and leaves, and while you’re at it, divide your perennials.

If you have a tool shed, spend some time sharpening, cleaning, repairing, and disinfecting your tools and containers, and make an inventory of your supplies. You can then order seeds and supplies as required.

Cool-season seeds can be started beginning in February or March. Warm-weather seeds should wait a while. Read the seed packet on the correct dates for starting particular seeds.

Soil is one of the most important elements in a successful and prosperous garden. Adding up to 20 per cent of well-aged compost is a great idea. Fertilisers are also important, and a soil test will determine which nutrients the garden is lacking.

Other miscellaneous chores include cleaning the bird feeders, garden statuary and furniture. Repair trellises, fences, walls, patios and decks, etc.

This is also a great time to clean and repair your pond. Thorough cleaning in spring helps keep it maintenance free for the season. Start adding water treatments, as needed, to get the beneficial bacteria up and running.

Try starting a garden journal. This is a fascinating way to keep track and record your gardening legacy. Referring to it year after year will not only enhance your memory but also hold clues for future garden successes, which will prove invaluable.

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