Local Government Association Proposes Tougher Fines For Fly Tipping

Fly-tipping is a problem that blights both urban areas and the countryside, and it’s also one of the most difficult and controversial issues to deal with. According to London Loves Business, local councils dealt with nearly one million fly-tipping cases during 2020, and the cost of clearing it up amounted to £10.9m.

Fly-tipping not only looks unsightly, but it damages the environment as toxic substances are left free to leak into water supplies. It also means that councils are spending money dealing with clearance, which would be better spent on improving the local community.

The current law states that even if rubbish has been dumped by an unlicenced third party, if it’s on your land, you are responsible for paying for the safe disposal of the items. If a waste enforcement officer traces fly-tipped rubbish back to your home or organisation, then even if you’ve paid someone to take it way in good faith, you are legally held responsible for it.

According to the Local Government Association (LGA), the average fine for fly-tipping was £438 in 2019/20, which they state fails to match the severity of the offence. They are calling for the fines to be increased, to help offset the cost to councils, and act as a stronger deterrent.

Cllr Darren Rodwell, environment spokesperson for the LGA, said: “Councils are working tirelessly to counter the thousands of incidents every year and are determined to crack down on the problem. However, prosecution requires a high threshold of proof and even when found guilty, the current fines fail to act as a deterrent.

He added: “Fly-tipping currently costs local taxpayers almost £50 million a year to clean up which could be better spent on other vital services in our communities, but until the fine matches the crime, the burden will continue to fall on residents.

Remember that it’s essential to check that whoever is removing your rubbish is a licensed and registered waste carrier. Ask to see their certificate, or check with the Environment Agency.


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