Fly-Tipping Warning Issued Amid 3rd Lockdown

The Countryside Alliance has announced that it will be monitoring waste disposal closely over the coming weeks, with the UK plunged into its third lockdown as a result of the pandemic, because restrictions on waste disposal centres, tips and recycling centres could potentially see an increase in fly-tipping incidents.

This was certainly what was seen during the first two lockdowns, as people cleared their homes out, carried out renovation projects and gave everything a good spring clean – only natural, of course, as a result of being at home a lot more than usual.

The first lockdown saw a rise of 80 per cent in fly-tipping in some parts of the country and to help tackle this, the Alliance has recommended keeping waste at home if you don’t have access to a tip until you’re able to dispose of it legally. It also issued a reminder that you can be prosecuted for fly-tipping.

Head of policy with the organisation Sarah Lee said: “ Rightly, there is a general agreement that waste disposal centres are an essential facility and it is reassuring that many are already reporting that they will remain open.

“Fly-tipping is a disgraceful, selfish act and there can be no excuses for it; whether you are carrying it out personally, or paying someone else to do it irrespective of whether you knew it was being done.”

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